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Day Care

We know that you would rather spend every day with your dog, but life sometimes comes in between. That's why we provide high quality daycare to make sure your dog is a happy dog!

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Our day care offers:

Our crèche is run in 50 acre of fields and woodland. We provide a safe environment for your dogs to play and socialise in throughout their walk with us.
We like to keep your dog's mind stimulated so we do practice 'walk to heel', 'recall' etc and they love a bit of frisbee too!
Fresh water and treats are always available. There are even some pools for them to have a splash in during the hotter weather.
We are always out walking with all of the dogs whether it's pouring down with rain, bright sunshine or even snowing. We may adjust the walking time slightly but we do try our best during all weather.
We also have a sheltered area for those wetter days when a few of the older or younger dogs don't want to get too wet.
Special requirements
If your dog has any special requirements, or needs to be fed whilst at the crèche, just let us know.
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Dog Sitting

We also offer a home boarding service where we can visit your home on a daily basis to feed and walk your dog. We can also look after additional pets, such as cats.