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One on one training

One to one training deals with any specific problems or bad habits your dog may have developed such as chewing, digging, jumping up, barking, chasing or general naughty behaviour.

We can also work on recall or any other problems you may have entountered, and help you get to grips with showing your dog that you are in charge, not him. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

The training consists of two hour long sessions, one at your home and one outdoors, at our creche, in the park or in another suitable safe place.

Dog biscuits

Puppy classes

We run a six week course for puppies to enable them to grasp the basics of common courtesy and socialisation. They will learn basic skills such as sit, stay and heel and have the opportunity to interact with lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Puppies classes are suitable for puppies from 8 to 18 weeks old.

Adult classes

Adult classes are for dogs who have had some basic training, or attended puppy classes. This takes training on to the next level, teaching your dog more advanced commands such as recall , walking to heel and other necessaryr skills they will need in their day to day lives. Courses run for four weeks, and are held outdoors in summer.

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